Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT In the Great Roanoke Park Honeysuckle War

  • Groups regularly meet Saturday mornings to engage in organized bushwhacking, from 8 or 9 am to lunch.
  • Please know however, the Honeysuckle fight is NOT an invitational event:
  • Restless citizens may engage at will going alone or meet a couple of pals for bushwhacking therapy in Roanoke Park. (If you're using a chain-saw, please have a buddy for safety.)
  • Bush whackers get bragging rights to the beauty they create.

Click Here For Info on Honeysuckle and its Eradication

Specialized Skills sought:

  • Seeking heavy-handed pruning skills for initial contacts with honeysuckle.
  • Herbicide applicators (with gloves) need to follow closely behind.
  • Contact Kite Singleton or Scott Burnett for Tordon herbicide which needs to be applied to fresh cuts within minutes. (Information about the Tordon herbicide.)
  • Brush pullers to drag the cut brush close to the curb for pick up by parks department.
  • Sharp-eyed clean up specialists armed only with a trash bag. Along your walks pick up some now visible trash within the newly trimmed zones.